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Noemi Black is a born in Poland young Techno Djane. She loves heavy, industrial sounds thats why she always was fascinated in TECHNO music. In her DJ set's and podcast's you can hear everything that is the best in TECHNO genere.

She began her career in Poland. Noemi played at many events across the country, especially: Magnetic Sounds (Poznan), Mental Asylum Night (Warsaw), Audiolake Festival (Radkow), Electronic Festival (Krakow), Silesia in Love (Chorzow) and on many club events.

In 2014 she moved to Germany and here continues her career. During her musical adventures she had the opportunity to meet and play together with many big names from the Techno Stage. Noemi have been already played in many European countries like Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Slovenia. In 2019 Noemi have made her debut In Lebanon.

On March 2013 Noemi runs her own radio show called "Technical Vibe" which is broadcast on Digitally Imported Radio and many more international radio stations. In this podcast she captivates Her fans with the most interesting track's wider range of techno music. By partnering with major music labels from around the world Noemi has access to unreleased tracks, which also promotes in Her radio podcasts.

Year 2019 is the year, of establishment Noemi's own Music Label called "Technical Vibe". It's home of powerful, straight forward Techno.

Winged Hussar EP / Shelter54
Noemi Black - Winged Hussar (Original Mix)

Lost City EP / Subwoofer Records
Noemi Black - Lost City (Original Mix) with Remixes

My Life EP / Scarlet Carson Records
Noemi Black – Crazy Life (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Hard Life (Original Mix)

From The Dark EP / Complexed Records
Noemi Black – From The Dark (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Dangerous (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Monster (Original Mix)

Escape EP / Complexed Records
Noemi Black – Escape (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Insomnia (Original Mix)

Hope EP / Eclipse Recordings
Noemi Black – Hope (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Hope (DJ Dextro Remix)
Noemi Black – Destiny (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Destiny (Zakari&Blange Remix)

Eternity EP / Technical Vibe
Noemi Black – Eternity (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Pulsar (Original Mix)

Innocence EP / Technical Vibe
Noemi Black – Innocence (Original Mix)
Noemi Black – Happiness (Original Mix)

Remixes: Dario Sorano - Self Control (Noemi Black Remix) / Pitch Perfect Records
Hell Driver - Welcome To The Madehouse (Noemi Black Remix) / Elektrax Recordings
Dario Sorano- Doors (Noemi Black Remix) / Pitch Perfect Records
Cristian Glitch – AAA (Noemi Black Remix) / Eclipse Recordings

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Email: info@noemiblack.com

I'm TECHNO, and you?

Email: info@noemiblack.com